Nicki And Eminem

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Rumors have been swirling on the internet about rapper, Nicki Minaj’s, collaboration with Eminem. Minaj’s recent Instagram post shows her promoting her new song “BIGBANK” tagging rappers like Big Sean, 2Chainz and YG. Though she did not tag Eminem on this post, the 35 year-old rapper implied his involvement using one of his know alias “Slim Shady”. This immediately had everyone assuming that he was included on the track.

However, the shocker didn’t come, until a fan asked her in the comments if she was dating Slim. Nicki answered a simple “YES” under the fan’s comment that caused them and the media to go crazy. The dating rumor has yet to be confirmed by Eminem and there has been no photos on the web to confirm the alleged new couple. What do you think? Could it be another publicity stunt or is it the next Hip Hop power couple that we’ve been waiting for?Stay tuned for more on this story.


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