Justin Timberlake visits Survivor

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Justin Timberlake visits Santa Fe survivor.

By Ricole L. Powell

Since the horrendous shooting last week at the Santa Fe High School in Texas, countless sympathizers have sent their condolences to the survivors of the shooting. This tragedy left ten (10) people dead and more than two dozen injured, in what seems to be a continuous series of shootings in the United States.

On a positive note, earlier today, pop star, Justin Timberlake, visited one of the Santa Fe survivors by her hospital bed in Texas. Though many celebrities across the nation have sent their well wishes, this victim, Sarah Salazar, was not only gifted by Justin’s surprise visit, but was also received a gift from the pop star. Timberlake also performed a special two-show tribute to the victims and survivors, near Houston,Texas as apart of his “Man of the Woods” tour. It is safe to say that this act of kindness from Timberlake might have just made Salazar’s day a whole lot better.


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