Jamie Foxx Accused of Genital Slapping

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Jamie Foxx Accused of Genital Slapping

By Ricole L Powell

Singer and actor, Jamie Foxx, has recently been accused of genital slapping. It is alleged that Fox did this to a woman after the Oscars in 2002. A source told TMZ that, the alleged victim reported the incident to the Las Vegas Police just last week.

Photo from Foxx Instagram

The woman stated that she was partying with the actor and another friend in Foxx’s dressing room, when he asked her for oral sex. She went on to say, that when she denied him, Jamie allegedly slapped her in the face with his penis.

The alleged victim stated that she visited the hospital, the next day, for a panic attack treatment caused by the supposed incident. Foxx has denied her claim, calling it an “absurd lie”, and is prepared to sue the woman for slander.