Celebrity Family Feud

Celebrity Family Feud nights are always fun to watch with the family, but last night’s show was mind-blowing. Episode two of this season’s game featured iconic NBA analysts, from TNT’s “Inside The NBA”, who played against, softball and baseball all-stars, from “Team MLB”.

As the game went on, Steve asked the question, “If a man’s zipper breaks in church, what might be used to cover it up?”. Other members from the NBA analyst team answered, ” Bible, shirt tail and jacket coat.” However, it was Charles Barkley’s answer that surprised us all. He said, “Child” , but what was more surprising is, the answer was actually there! It was a very inappropriate answer, but now we know what to expect from Charles in church.πŸ˜€Take a look at a clip from the show:https://youtu.be/vGAY_pKRelQ