Meek Mill’s New Trial

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After being allowed to spend Father’s Day with his son this past Sunday, rapper, Meek Mill has continued his quest for a new trial. The history between Meek and Judge Genece Brinkley, is no secret to the public, as Mill has made everyone, including celebrities, aware that Brinkley may have a personal vendetta against him.

On Monday, June 18, whilst the 31-year-old rapper was on his way to the court hearing for him to have a new trial, he encountered several of his supporters in front of the Philidelphia Criminal Justice Center, where he is also expected to have a rally. According to TMZ, Mill swore to the supporters that no matter what happens, he will continue to fight for the wrongly accused. He also thanked his supporters for their endless loyalty. Mill is said to be having a small press conference later this afternoon, and it will be streaming live on TMZ

Keep the faith Meek.