Kobe Bryant Rejected By Academy

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Kobe Bryant has been rejected by the Oscar Academy

By Ricole L Powell

39 year-old, NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, has been rejected by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Bryant previously won an Oscar Award for his short, animated sports film,”Dear Basketball”. Since Kobe was an Oscar winner, he automatically had a hat in the ring to become a member of the board.

Photo Credit| Kobe’s Instagram

However, it is was decided that the retired basketball player’s body of work was insufficient and as such he was rejected by the academy. Many believed that, the board’s decision was based on Kobe’s past controversies, like his sexual assault case, back in 2003. The academy has been a central part of the #MeToo movement, and may not want to “tarnish” their reputation.

Better Luck Next Time Kobe!!

Tell us your thoughts. Do you think that the Academy made a fair decision?