Ariana Grande…Pregnant?

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Ariana Grande Pregnant ?

Newly engaged couple, singer, Ariana Grande and SNL star, Pete Davidson, are going fast and furious, since their relationship hit the web. From being engaged, only weeks after their discovery, to moving into a $16 million apartment to ….. having a baby?

Photo Credit/Ariana Instagram

Many were shocked by the latest rumors that the 24 year-old might be pregnant. However, they were quickly shut down by the singer responding on Twitter. Ariana said that she would not be ready for a baby for at least a couple years. Since then, the romantic duo has been spotted together in NYC, displaying major PDA whilst shopping around on a Sunday afternoon. They could not be happier in each others arms, and we can’t wait for the wedding.

Good luck you two “LoveBugs” πŸ’•