Cardi B Demands A Bentley

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Cardi B Demands A Bentley

With the birth of her baby just weeks away, rapper Cardi B and her fiance, Offset, (member of rap trio Migos) are happily expecting their first child together. Despite all the drama, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, seems to be very anxious about her daughter’s arrival, and as such she is making some demands.

Photo Credit/ Cardi’s Instagram

The 25 year- old, told TMZ sources that, for her baby shower, to be held in Atlanta, she wants a baby-sized Bentley and a golden- leaf bassinet to be a part of the gifts given. With both those items, alone, costing over four thousand dollars,and Cardi being “on a budget too till the day she dies”, the only question is, “Who’s buying?”

Good luck Cardi. Can’t wait to see “Shorty”, (as she affectionately refers to her baby on instagram)😂😂.