Richard Harrison Dies

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Richard Harrison Dies At 77

Richard Harrison also known as, “The Old Man” on Pawn Stars, dies at 77 years-old. Richard was a veteran turn reality star, after moving back to Las Vegas, to open the famous Gold&Silver Pawn Shop. Known for his wisdom and grumbling attitude, “The Old Man” has been a fan favorite, since the beginning of the American television series, “Pawn Stars”, July of 2009.

Richard Harrison Dies

Upon his death, his son, Rick Harrison assured fans that his father was surrounded by his family and loved ones until he passed away. The son also stated that his father was not only, his hero, but he was fortunate to have such a cool ‘Old Man’ as his dad. The “Pawn Stars” patriarch, Richard Harrison will definitely be missed by his loved ones, and fans all over the world.

Rest In Peace “Old Man”.