Terry Crews Gets Emotional On Capitol Hill

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Terry Crews Gets Emotional on Capitol Hill

On June 26, 2018, Former NFL player and actor, Terry Crews gave an emotional testimony against WME agent, Adam Venit, at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capital Hill. Venit has been, one of many, to be accused of sexual haramessment. Crews, being one of the victims, mentioned, that in early 2016, his genitals were fondled by Adam, at a party that he attended with his wife.

Photo Credit/ Daily Mail

The wrestler went on to say that the reason for him sharing his story, was due to the fact that his mother had been constantly abused by his father throughout his childhood , and he could not do anything about it. He further stated, that when he was “sexually assaulted”, he refused to retaliate with violence due to the negative stigma attached to black American men, and the consequences that he would have faced. The case ended up being dismissed, and all charges were dropped against Adam, due to violation of the statues of limitation.

Take a look at video with Crews