Joe Jackson Dead At 89

The patriach of the Jackson family, Joseph “Joe” Jackson has died at 89. Joe was reportedly bedridden due to his severe battle with terminal cancer. The doctors told his family that there was neither a treatment nor cure and his caretakers decided that he would spend his final days hospitalized.

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Joe Jackson Dead At 89

Joe Jackson was, not only, the creator and manager of the group ,”Jackson 5”, he was also the father of pop superstars Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson and eight other children. He was married to his wife, Katherine for 60 years. He had worked with legendary singer, Diana Ross, and even stood by his son, Michael, during his court trials and medical issues. Joe will definitely be missed by millions, because without him we would not have had ,the King of Pop and Janet Jackson “Miss Jackson if you nasty”.

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Rest In Peace Joe Jackson.