Ronnie Ortiz- Magro Crazy Ex

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Ronnie Ortiz- Magro Crazy Ex

Jersey Shore’s, Ronnie Ortiz- Magro, and his ex-girlfriend, Jen Harley’s, constant fighting may have gone too far this time. Jen was arrested, not too long ago, for domestic battery against Ronnie.

Photo Credit/ People

The altercation took place at a BBQ restaurant, after she allegedly dragged him out of their car, with their 2 month-old daughter, Ariana Sky Magro, still in the backseat. Sources also told TMZ that the couple had an argument, 3 weeks prior to her arrest, where Jen had allegedly spat on Ortiz.

Friends and family close to the Jersey Shore star, has advised him to, not only, leave this “explosive” relationship, but also fight for sole custody of his 2-month old daughter before it’s too late. The “Jersey Shore” cameras, were not seen throughout their fight, nor Harley’s arrest, but rumors say that other altercations between the two would have be documented.


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