Jamie And Katie Calls It Quits?

Actor Comedian Jamie Foxx and his lady love Katie Holmes, called it quits after 5 years.

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Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Calls It Quits

By Ricole L Powell

Actor and comedian, Jamie Foxx and actress, Katie Holmes, calls it quits after 5 years. According to RadarOnline, Katie was the one, to initiate the break-up, stating that she could no longer trust him and was tired of being jealous, due to his flirtacious tendencies.

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Calls It Quits

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Foxx has had a history of flirting and partying in the past, and many had believed him to have settled down, especially after his engagement to Holmes. However, it seems to have been too much for Holmes to handle. Even though, we were shocked by the news, sources say that, not only did the relationship end peacefully, it also ended with an apology from Jamie.