Chris Brown Fan Fear❗️

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Chris Brown Fan Fear

By Ricole L Powell

It is always a dream to go on stage with your favorite artist, but one is never prepared for the anxiety nor pressure that comes with it. Last night, singer-songwriter, Chris Brown performed a show in Camden, New Jersey, where he invited a child fan ,onstage with him, as many artist do, to partake in his live performance.

According to TMZ, while Chris was performing one of his hit songs, “Loyal”, the child suddenly fainted. A video was posted to his Instagram showing Brown, catching the boy and passing him off the stay to safety. On the post below the video, the 29 year-old singer, stated that he was scared, but he still loves his fans.

It is unclear at the moment as to what caused the boy to lose consciousness but, we assume that it could have been very overwhelming for the young fan, in the midst of all the lights and loud music.

Oh well… nice of Chris to give a fan a break🙄. Take a look at this video.