Mila Kunis Confesses ๐Ÿ’•

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According to actress Mila Kunis, she is to be blamed for her bad breakup with her ex, โ€œHome Aloneโ€ star, Macaulay Culkin. Mila stated in a podcast with โ€œArmchair Expertโ€, that not only was she a d*** during their whole relationship, she also stated that she was an, โ€œ a****** in her 20โ€™sโ€, when they split back in 2011.

The Ukrainian actress also revealed that her mother, didnโ€™t like the fact that she was dating, her now husband and actor, Ashton Kutcher, initially, because of the negativity surrounding Ashtonโ€™s divorce with actress, Demi Moore. However, Kunis has since forgiven herself for causing the โ€œhorrible breakupโ€ with Culkin, blaming all her actions on,โ€œ I was 20โ€. Mila is almost 35 years old.