Offset Maybe Going To Jail❗️

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26 year-old rapper , Offset, from the rap trio, Migos, maybe going to jail. TMZ broke the story yesterday, that the rapper was pulled over by the police, for allegedly crossing a double yellow line. According to Offset’s lawyers, the cops’ reason was indeed fake and they were too excited when they found guns in his car. Offset was then apprehended and charged with two felony gun charges, though, both his lawyers and wife, rapper Cardi B, denied the possibility of them being his.

However, sources say that Cardi, who recently had their first child together, Kulture, believes that her man was targeted by the “Hip-Hop Cops” and, would not leave Offset even if he went to jail.

Cardi B is a real R.O.D ( ride or die)😎😎.