Sir And Rumi Carter Appears

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Superstar Beyoncé has finally shown us, official pictures of Sir and Rumi Carter !! According to Daily Mail, Queen Bey shared images of their 13 month-old twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, on her Snapchat, whilst they are on a short break from the European leg, of the “On The Run II” tour. The picture shows Bey holding them close to her chest whilst covering her stomach , with one of the babies laughing, while the other held a straight but cute face.

There has also been rumors since the beginning of her tour, that the singer might be pregnant with another child. Fans have theorized that the belly bump in the 36 year-old costumes look a lot like the early stages of baby number 4.

Hmmm…more kids to add to the “Bey Hive” 🤔🤔😂