Brad And Angelina’s Custody Battle

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Brad And Angelina’s Custody Battle
With Brangelina’s divorce and custody battle going on for 2 years now, things show no sign of slowing down. According to TMZ, a huge part of their battle is co-parenting their six children. Pitt has been reportedly spending time with his kids for 10 hours a day, for four consecutive days, since mid-June.

However, this has not sat well with Jolie, as she has allegedly tried to restrict his access . The 43 year-old actress claimed that, Brad has not been paying enough child-support for their children, but was quickly shut down when documents were provided, proving that her ex-husband has paid millions since their split.
Sources also told TMZ, that a judge has deemed it unhealthy for the “Salt” actress to monitor their children’s contact, since Brad has the right to communicate freely whenever he wishes.
Ohhh….This is messy 😖😖