Blade Runner Actress On The Run

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Blade Runner Actress On The Run.

58 year-old actress, Sean Young, along with a male friend, were caught on camera robbing an electronic store on Thursday night. The “Blade Runner” actress and her friend got away with $12,000 worth in laptops, from the store, that she had worked in. Young and her friend are currently being hunted by the NYPD. According to Daily Mail, the 80’s movie star has had both a violent and alcoholic past.

Over the years she has either been arrested or accused of stalking and terrorizing her ex. She has also been accused of impulsive and inappropriate behaviors on set and being violent with a security guard. Sean, though being casted in movies like 1980’s Blade Runner and Wall Street, has also struggled with alcoholism.

I hope they find her and get her the help she needs.😞😞😞