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Azealia Banks VS Elon Musk

Azealia Banks VS Elon Musk

According to Daily Mail, rapper Azealia Banks, revealed that the CEO of SpaceX, allegedly, not only takes acid but is actually into “some weird threesome sex s**t”.

Banks stated that she had been invited to Elon Musk’s house by his girlfriend, Grimes, to work on music over the weekend. However, Azealia states that not only did she not make music, but she was actually present during the Elon’s tweet about securing funding for Tesla to go private . The rapper revealed that Musk was a wreck, as he was allegedly taking acid prior to sending out the tweet.


anks, known to be a controversial rapper, shared her thoughts on Instagram, as well as, saying some harsh things about Elon’s choices, and his girlfriend’s behavior during her stay. The Tesla architect then recently responded stating that one, it was “absolute nonsense” and two, neither he or Azealia have ever met.

Hmm…..I wonder what is Grimes’s side of the story. 🤔☕️

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