Stefán “Robbie Rotten” Stefánsson Dies of Cancer 😔😔

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Stefán “Robbie Rotten” Stefánsson Dies of Cancer 😔😔

Stefán Karl Stefánsson, known to many as ‘Robbie Rotten’ from the children’s show, “LazyTown”, has died. The hit kids-show-star has been struggling will inoperable bile duct cancer since early this year, but was unable to work for quite sometime.

In 2016, Stefán had initially been diagnosed with the bile duct cancer, and was later said to be cured of the disease in an interview in Iceland. However in June of 2017, it was discovered that he was still ill and gave up on any further therapy.

It was in April of this year, that fan-favorite villain, decided to discontinue chemotherapy and say goodbye to all his social media accounts. He was 43 years-old when he passed and was surrounded by close friends and family.

Rest In Peace Robbie Rotten 🙏🙏