Aretha Franklin Is Displayed In Gold

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Aretha Franklin Is Displayed in Gold

As promised to the people, family of legendary soul singer, Aretha Franklin, has presented her body at the Charles H. Wright Museum. The Queen of Soul’s body was displayed in a completely golden casket, dress in an all red cocktail dress and pumps, as fans from all over attend her viewing to say their goodbyes.

According to Daily Mail, over 200 fans slept outside the public venue until it opened at 9am and has since been flooded by thousands more, with sympathizers of all age groups.

Franklin died from pancreatic cancer at age 76 and since then there have been tributes by many during concerts and in the media. Rumors have it that the four-day memorial, this week, includes an assortment of performers, like Steve Wonder and others to pay tribute to Aretha.

A Final Goodbye to the Legendary Aretha Franklin 😢🙏🙏