Happy Birthday Beyoncé 👸🏾

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Happy Birthday Beyoncé 👸🏾

From “baby cutie” to “Beyonce beauty”, Tina Knowles is the first to celebrate her, superstar daughter’s birthday. Queen Beyoncé celebrates her 37th birthday, but she is not the only one celebrating, as mama bear, Tina Knowles, posts an absolutely adorable image of a chubby 4-month old Beyoncé, with Afro curly hair and a pink dress. 🤗🤗

📷 Tina Knowles Instagram

Along with Tina, fans and other celebrities have sent their greetings via social media, like Missy Elliot, Zara Larsson, DJ Khaled, Forbes Magazine and countless others. However, with almost 20 years since her career has taken off, Queen Bey shows no sign off slowing down.

Maybe she will slow down just a little today, Happy Birthday Beyoncé🎉🎊🎉


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