Burt Reynolds Dies at 82 🙏

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Burt Reynolds Dies at 82 🙏

Prominent Hollywood actor and director, Burt Reynolds has died from a heart attack. The 82 year-old had been suffering from heart complications for several years.

It is alleged that it developed from a painkiller addiction, that started after he was struck in the face by a chair on the set of a film. Reynolds was said to have taken years to break the habit. The star had also undergone two separate surgeries in 2009 and 2010. One of which, for a quintuple heart bypass.

Burt was known for his acting career, that started in 1961 and has starred in many iconic movies such as 60’s series ‘Gunsmoke’, thriller film ‘Deliverance’, ‘Smokey And The Bandits I&II’, and the 1974 movie ‘The Longest Yard’, just to name a few. He was also scheduled to be apart of the upcoming movie, ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’. The Golden Globe winner will be missed, by not only his son, Quinton Anderson Reynolds, but by several fans.

Rest In Peace to “movie trailblazer”,Burt Reynolds🙏🙏