Naomi Osaka Wins Historic US Open Finals

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Naomi Osaka Wins Historic Open US Open Finals

It might be described as the most controversial US Open female finals ever. Nevertheless, it was a historic win for Japanese tennis player, 20 year old, Naomi Osaka, who won against her idol, Serena Williams. It was an emotional win for Osaka, who could not stop crying after her win as the crowd started booing. She was lifted to the stands to embrace her mother and coach.

📷 Washington Post

It was a very controversial match, as there were several heated exchanges between Serena Williams and the umpire. The umpire, deducted points from Serena during the match. There were several moments when Serena could be seen arguing with the match official, particularly when he took a point away from her for “coaching” during the match.

Osaka played an awesome match and pulled off an incredible victory. Naomi Oska is the first Japanese player to ever win a US Open finals, and it was her first Grand Slam. It was not Serena’s best game as she was outplayed in the first set by Osaka. Just as Serena was getting her game together in the second set, that is when the controversy as a result of match point deduction began. Serena could be heard saying to the umpire, “I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose” and, “You owe me an apology.” The umpire even accused Serena of verbal abuse🙄.

📷 Yahoo News

One thing is for sure, Osaka had a fantastic performance. Well done Osaka. You have done well. We are proud of both of you and Serena.

Here is a video done by Serena’s husband Alexis Ohanian Sr ahead of today’s US Open finals


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