Usain Bolt Pops Champagne In Zero Gravity!

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Usain Bolt Pops Champagne In Zero Gravity!

Known to all as the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, has now tested his title in zero gravity…..what?! Well, on Wednesday, September 12, the track and field superstar raced, French astronaut, Jean-Francois Clevroy, and the CEO of Novaspace, Octave de Gaulle on a Special Airbus Plane with zero gravity. All three challengers were dressed in flight suits, with Clevroy in blue, Gaulle in black and Bolt, in grey. You should’ve already guessed who won.

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After the race, the 32 year-old trackstar-turned-professional soccer player, proceeded to pop a bottle of Cordon Stellar, that was exclusively for space tourists.

I guess Usain is the fastest man in space too. 😏😏