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Eminem Responds To MGK Diss

Eminem Responds To MGK Diss

After, ‘coming at’ an all time favorite rapper, Eminem, upcoming rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, has finally gotten a response..sort of. If you don’t already know, both rappers have been in a rap beef from 6 years ago (according to Eminem) when MGK commented that his daughter, was “hot as f***”, when she was only 16 years old. However, the beef reignited and caught the attention of many, when MGK, released a diss track called “Rap Devil”, in contrast to the Em’s “Rap God.”

Though many have been waiting for Eminem’s usual response diss track, they might have to settle for an interview discussing the matter. He stated during an interview, on his album, that not only does he not care about MGK’s diss, but he also had a conflict with himself, where he said, “I’m like ‘I want to destroy him. But I also don’t want to make him bigger.”

Only time will tell if he will do it or not…. You know what I am saying?😉😉

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