Eminem Drops A MGK Diss Track

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Eminem Drops A MGK Diss Track

Since, his interview on his album, “Kamikaze”, about a response to rapper, Machine Gun Kelly, millions of Eminem fans have been awaiting his diss track. Well, wait no longer, as Em’s single “KILLSHOT”, is finally here and is currently trending…everywhere!

The song fired directly at MGK’s Diss, “Rap Devil”, with lyrics like, “I rather be a 80 year-old me, than a 20 year-old you,” , “It’s your moment, this is it as big as you’re gonna get, so enjoy it,” and “Had to give you a career to destroy it.” 😲😲

The rapper also made a reference to Diddy being the cause of Tupac drive by, before saying that he was kidding. Just to recap, MGK and Eminem beef started over an inappropriate tweet towards Em’s daughter. Fans of the 45 year-old are saying that it definitely ended today with this track.

I told you it was coming 😏😏.