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Enrique Iglesias Passionately Kisses A Fan.🀯

Enrique Iglesias Passionately Kisses A Fan.🀯

We know artistes absolutely love their fans, but it seems like Spanish singer, Enrique Iglesias, loves this fan a bit too much.

The 43 year-old was performing at a show last night in Ukraine, as a part of his β€œAll The Hits Live” tour in Europe, when an overexcited fan jumped up on stage. This is not uncommon at concerts, but what shocked everyone, was when the two started kissing each other on stage, like no one else was there. And that is not all, the fan also wrapped her leg around the singer as he kissed her. 😯

Iglesias has been in a long standing relationship with tennis player, Anna Kournikova since the early 2000’s and the two even recently welcomed a twin babies to their family.

I wonder what she thinks of this 😯🀯🀯. Yeeks, too close for comfort? What do you guys think?

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