Terrence J And Golden Barbie In A Hit & Run😱

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Terrence J And Golden Barbie In A Hit & Run😱!

Actor, 106 & Park and ENews host, Terrence Jenkins a.k.a Terrence J, and his girlfriend, model,Jasmine Saunders a.k.a Golden Barbie, may have allegedly been involved in a hit and run crime.

According to eyewitnesses, the incident took place in Studio City, LA, at around midnight, where the 27 year-old model, reportedly lost control of the vehicle. Both Terrence and Barbie were then allegedly, seen fleeing from the scene after the McClaren luxury sport car, registered under the actor’s name , was utterly wrecked in the collision with a tree.

Because both parties left the seen without any information given to the police, the LAPD is now investigating it as a “hit and run” crime.

I hope you have a good lawyer Terrence, cuz this one is gonna be a doozy. 😖