Bombs Sent To President Obama & Hilary Clinton⁉️😳

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Bombs Sent To President Obama & Hilary Clinton⁉️😳

Breaking news washes the country as suspected explosive devices addressed to U.S President Barack Obama in Washington, former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and CNN offices in New York.

The Hollywood Reporter

According to the Washington Post, packages with potential explosives were delivered to the mailboxes, after a explosive was found in a mailbox at the home of George Soros, a liberal philanthropist, who is a frequent target of criticism from far-right groups.

The packages which were sent to the homes of President Obama and President Bill Clinton, were screened and immediately identified to be same sort of explosive, during a routine mail check that was done by the Secret Service.

Lucky, no one was harmed, however investigations are being done to find the origins of these ‘bombs’. Hmmm🙄