Meghan Kelly Leaves NBC 😱


Meghan Kelly Leaves NBC 😱

With just two days since sharing her opinion on “Blackface”, talk show host, Megyn Kelly, has parted ways with NBC.

Sources told Daily Mail, that the host will not return to NBC, due to an ongoing dispute between Kelly and the broadcast company, and has since hired a lawyer. The source stated, ‘Megyn Kelly is done. She is not ever coming back.”

However, the source also revealed that her contract is a ‘non-deal break’ and so she will be leaving and taking in excess of 60 million dollars with her. There are also rumors of Megyn returning to Fox after this.

So I guess this may be a win-win for Megyn and a definite lose for NBC. 🤔

7 comments on “Meghan Kelly Leaves NBC 😱”

  1. I am so disappointed in America . We speak of free speech and yet a thought as someone reacts to about black face is so overreacted to amazes me . There was nothing wrong with what she said . There has always been Halloween costumes of people in the news or current events . I can’t believe this is happening. What is our world coming to ….It is an over correction . Meghan please don’t bow to this criticism .

    1. Whoever you are get a darn book and read on the blackface, and then pretend your back is so whipped with a switch, the past aint gone, and believe this there are some that want us back there you dummy, blackface should never came out her crooked ass mouth

  2. Amen. This is not over any blackface talk …it’s about her defence of our new supreme Court Justice. I knew they would let her go after that….sadly. they did because she wouldn’t bow to their out of balance liberal views and reporting.

  3. Stop your audience that sits behind you and your guests from facial guestures and shaking their heads “yes” or “no” during your interview. It is totally a distraction from the interview, drawing attention to them. We don’t care what your audience thinks, only your guest and you. Thanks.