Stan Lee Dies At 95 🙏

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Stan Lee Dies At 95 🙏

Writer, film producer, actor, editor and former editing chief of Marvel comics, Stan Lee, has passed away.

The film legend died at the age of 95, according to his daughter Joan Celia, of natural causes, after being rushed to a medical center in Hollywood Hills. Lee has suffered from many health problems such as pneumonia, optical and heart issues as he began getting older.

Stan was famously known for creating the majority of the superheroes you know and love today, alongside his creative partner, Jack Kirby. He had become a central part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could be found in every Marvel superhero movie over the past decade in cameos, from “Captain America” to “Avengers -Infinity War”.

Stan Lee will be remembered through his daughter J.C., his superhero comics, movies, charity work and his undying love for his fans.

Rest In Peace Stan Lee 🙏


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