Joy Behar Explodes on Meghan McCain Over The Air. 🤯

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Joy Behar Explodes on Meghan McCain On The View. 🤯

Daytime talk show host, Joy Behar allegedly exploded on co-host, Meghan McCain, on Monday’s episode of “The View”, while doing a small tribute to President G.H.W Bush.

The show started off with the ladies honoring the memory of the 41st POTUS, when Behar began to talk about President Trump ‘unraveling’ everything both President Bush and Obama did. However, she was then cut-off by McCain, who stated that they were in the midst of honoring a great president, and was not interested in talking about ‘Trump’.

Whoopi was then forced to go to commercial, but sources revealed that Joy and Meghan continued to go at it during the break, with the 76 year-old calling the 34 year-old an ‘entitled b***h’ and threatening to leave after putting up with ‘this sh*t’ for so long.

It also seems like this is not the first time something like this has happened. But since it keeps the ABC ratings up, who cares right? 🤷‍♀️

Whose side are you on? 🤔