Cardi Missed Offset’s. . . Penis? 😏 🙄

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Cardi Missed Offset’s. . . Penis? 😏🙄

According to everyone’s favorite female rapper, Cardi B, she misses her baby’s father’s penis. Umm okrr😐🙄

The “Money” rapper took to her Instagram yesterday and started a live ASMR Instagram feed, where she told all her viewers how and where she wants it while sipping on coffee. However, she failed to mention anything about a romantic relationship with Offset.If you recall, the Migos rapper recently pulled a stunt at one of Cardi’s headlining shows, leaving Cardi and some of her fans pissed, but it worked. Offset will be spending Christmas with Cardi and daughter Kulture.

Well Cardi, you may not have to miss it anymore after the holidays are through. Okrrr! 🎶🎼🎵I Like It Like That🎙🎶


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