Iggy Azalea Leaves Dancer On Stage After Seizure 😱

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Iggy Azalea Leaves Dancer On Stage After Seizure 😱
Rapper Iggy Azalea, has been quiet over the past few weeks. However, her recent action at a performance left a very bad taste in the mouth of her fans and critics.

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The Australian rapper was performing her hit song, “Black Widow” at a concert in Rio de Janeiro, when one of her dancers suffered a seizure and collapsed onstage. After noticing, Iggy decided to continue dancing and singing, until the song was finished before calling for medical attention.
This seemingly “selfish” act did not sit well with critics as they slammed the artiste for not helping the dancer immediately.
The rapper, however, responded on her Instagram after the show, stating that she is worn down by people waiting for an opportunity to discriminate against her and asks if people could be a little kinder to each other. She also assured fans that the dancer was recovering well backstage.
Wow Iggy! I have no words 😶 What do you guys think about this?!