Diddy Convinced That Cassie Ventura Cheated!😨

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Diddy Convinced That Cassie Ventura Cheated!😨

It seems like music mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and ex-girlfriend, Cassie Ventura, had anything but a peaceful breakup as it is revealed that Cassie may have cheated. 😮

Sources say that Diddy is convinced that not only did Cassie cheat on him during their relationship, but she did it with the personal trainer that he had hired for her. Oddly enough, that personal trainer is her current beau, Alex Fine.

The singer recently went public with her relationship with Fine, after her and Diddy’s very public breakup a few months ago . However, sources say, that he is not over it and feels betrayed.

Cassie has reportedly set the record straight saying that it was after their breakup, but honestly Combs has way more things to worry about like raising his kids in the light of their mother, Kim Porter’s, passing.

So far, no other comments from either party, but don’t worry Diddy… you’ll get over it. 😒


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