Chris Pratt’s Abs Goes Viral 😳

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Chris Pratt’s Abs Goes Viral 😳
Fans have been longing to get a glimpse of actor, Chris Pratt’s chiseled body, since his starring in blockbuster movies in 2018. They are in for a shocking surprise. 😯

πŸ“Έ Daily Mail

πŸ“Έ Chris Instagram
The β€œJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” star was spotted on a beach in Cabo, Mexico on what seem to be a new year getaway.
Pratt sported nothing but some swim trunks and a baseball cap as he proudly showed of his lesser-toned torso, that many weren’t expecting. This left fans in awe and the picture quickly went viral. This is a different Chris, compared to the completely ripped picture of Chris while starring in movies like β€œGuardians of the Galaxy” or β€œAvengers: Infinity War”.
Regardless, the 39 year-old seemed completely unbothered and back to a more relaxed version of himself. . . at least until his next big movie!