Ariana Grande Gets Called Out On New Song

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Ariana Grande Gets Called Out On New Song 😳
Pop star, Ariana Grande, may not be as original as many thought, because the singer is now being called out by different artists and fans for being a copycat.

The barrage of comments on social media about her new song, β€œ7 Rings”, claimed Ariana stole both her song beat and video inspiration from three artistes, 2Chainz, Soulja Boy and lastly, Princess Nokia.
Unfortunately for Ari, fans only got more riled up when rapper, Princess Nokia, posted on her Twitter to show the similarities between her song, β€œMine”. The rapper explained how she wrote the song for brown women and their hair, ending her statement with, β€œHmm… Sounds about white!”
Ariana has yet to respond, but her new single is currently in the top five on iTunes. So tell me who is really benefiting from this song? 🀭