Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Moving In Together 🀨

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Jeff Bezos & Lauren Sanchez Moving In Together 🀨
β€œForget the past, on to the future!” This seems to be Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos’s, new motto, as sources say he and his new girlfriend/mistress, Lauren Sanchez are planning to move in together.

The newly discovered couple have been practically inseparable since Jeff’s split from his estranged wife, Mackenzie. They were spotted at the Oscars, on a romantic dinner and now they are supposedly moving in together. Wow! 😨
If you recall their recent romance came to light when it was discovered that an alleged β€œaffair”, while they were both still married, may have caused Jeff and Mackenzie’s divorce. (It sure does look that way).
However, while Mackenzie is who-knows-where, Bezos wasted no time moving on with Lauren. Well it seems like Amazon’s CEO really is moving faster than Prime shipping. Oh what could be next? An engagement?πŸ˜‚Jeff we strongly recommend a prenup for this one.πŸ€”