Jennifer Lopez made a Post to Instagram that Has Diddy Stunned 😍

Latin pop star, Jennifer Lopez, is known for showing off her tanned and toned body on social media. However, this particular post has one of her exes talking. 🤭JLo’s latest post features her in a work-out outfit that fully exposes her rock hard abs. But it seems like her ex-boyfriend and mogul, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, couldn’t resist, commenting, “OMG 😍” under her picture.

The two dated over 20 years ago but even he has noticed that the “Second Act” actress has only gotten better with age.

Sadly for Diddy, Lopez is happily ‘in love’ with former professional baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, who did not hesitate to respond to Combs’ comment with, “Lucky me ❤️⚾️✅”


Jennifer is the definition of being a “full package”; singer, dancer, actress, plus she has the looks and body to match, but she is already taken. A-Rod made sure of that. Lol. 😂