Liam Neeson, A Racist??! 😐

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66 year-old actor, Liam Neeson, is now the center of attention after the discovery of him being a potential racist.
Neeson was recently in an interview with The Independent, where he revealed that something triggered him to want to hurt someone.

The actor stated that after a close family member told him that she had been raped by a black man, he wandered the streets and pubs in search of any β€œblack bastard” that he could kill to avenge his family memberπŸ™„.
The β€œTaken” movie star then stated that he was deeply ashamed of having actions and thoughts, and is also aware of how appalling his story sounds.
However, the media did not take light to this new revelation, as his name is now trending worldwide with both fans, critics and members of the black community, giving their candid opinion on the matter.
What do you guys think, could Liam Neeson be racist?