Ariana Grande Not Attending The Grammys??! 😱

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The 61st Grammy Awards is right around the corner, but it looks like one of the most buzzed about artists in their line up, Ariana Grande, won’t be attending. 😱
It was recently revealed by Variety, that the 25 year-old pop star, had a β€œfalling out” with the Grammy producers about which song she should perform. The source claimed that Grande felt β€œinsulted” for not being able to perform her new hit, β€œ7 Rings” at the award show.

They, however, came to a compromise giving her the option to include it in a medley, instead of choosing it for her second song.

Sadly, that wasn’t the end of this drama because now, sources are saying that the artiste will not be attending the show at all. The reason behind it being, no other artiste performing at the award show, had to β€œdeal with such stipulations”.

Ariana has been β€˜hyping up’ her new song β€œ7 Rings” a lot lately. She even tried to get a tattoo of the Japanese translation of the title… that if you remember, turned out horribly wrong.

Still, Ariana has been constantly in the spotlight for her hit songs, β€œBreathin” and β€œThank You, Next”, so maybe pissing her off wasn’t a good move on the Grammys part. What ya’ll think?πŸ€”