Drake, Kendrick Lamar & Childish Gambino. . . Not Performing At The Grammys❓

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With the 61st annual Grammys only two days away, it seems like some fan favorites are pulling out from the showcase.

It was recently reported by The New York Times that artistes Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino, all allegedly declined to perform at this year’s Grammy Awards. This comes as a shock to many as the three are all nominated for multiple awards.

Kendrick Lamar has been nominated for eight, Canadian rapper Drake, seven and, Gambino, four. However, it seems that the Grammys can’t please everybody, because neither of these artists have yet to deny these rumors.

But oh! The guys weren’t the only ones to ‘supposedly’ pull out of the show. If you remember pop star Ariana Grande decided to back out of the show this week, because of a disagreement with the Grammy directors.

She tweeted that, “It was when my creativity and self expression was stifled by you, that I decided not to attend.” This came on the heels of her not being allowed to do one of her hit songs “7 Rings” separately.

Despite these artistes deciding not to perform, the show still has a packed night with artistes such as Post Malone, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Lady Gaga, H.E.R.,and many others performing.

Be sure to watch the 61st Grammy Awards Show this Sunday, Feb 10. We surely will be.