Teresa Giudice Ditches Her Wedding Ring πŸ˜±

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It looks like the rumors may be true! Former Real Housewife of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice is leaving her husband, Joe Giudice! … sort of.

The reality star was recently spotted out with a friend at a restaurant earlier today having breakfast in New Jersey . She later left the restaurant to go on a stroll with the same friend. However, what’s odd was that she was not wearing her wedding band or engagement ring on her finger.

This comes after Teresa had said to host Andy Cohen, on the reunion show for the β€œReal Housewives of New Jersey”, that she might be leaving Joe. She stated, β€œI’m not doing a long distance relationship. I’m not doing it. I want somebody with me every day.”

Many believe that the long distance relationship may not be the only factor at play in her ending their relationship. If you recall, the 46 year-old has been seen with another man, Blake Schreck, pretty often, even though her attorneys denied their β€œrelationship”.

Teresa has previously stated that unless her children asked to move to Italy, she would be staying in the United States. And with her ring suddenly disappearing, we assume her marriage may not be far behind.


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