Angelina Jolie Shows Of Her Tattoo At Movie Premiere 😍

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43 year-old actress, Angelina Jolie, shines on the carpet once again as she shows off her tattoo collection at the “Dumbo” movies premiere.

📸 People
The Hollywood star along with four of her children Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox hit the red carpet on Monday, for the premiere of Disney’s live action remake of “Dumbo” in Los Angeles, CA. Another member of the family, Jolie’s ex husband Brad Pitt, also made an appearance.
The entire family was dressed to impress, but what stood out the most was the Golden Globe winner’s extensive tattoo collection that was on full display through her, backless cream gown.

According to Daily Mail each tatt on her back had a meaning. They included; a Tennessee Williams quote, a Buddhist prayer and geographical coordinates of where her children were born. Under these tattoos is image of a large Bengal tiger to celebrate her Cambodian citizenship.
Several top celebrities have been known to have elaborate tattoos, like Ben Affleck with the phoenix on his back and more recently, Halle Berry’s spine tattoo.
Still their fans seem to love it, so why not show it off. You go Angelina!


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