Jussie Smollett Goes To Court Ahead Of Court Hearing 🤭

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With his court hearing only days away, “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett, makes a surprise appearance in court on Tuesday.

According to several sources, Jussie’s defense convened at the Cook County Courthouse this afternoon, to discuss the case proceedings on Thursday, March 14. A source also revealed that Smollett didn’t have to be there but insisted on being a part of his defense.

📸 TMZ Fox
However, his presence may have made a difference, as one of the issues at hand was whether or not cameras would be allowed in the hearing. Jussie’s attorney, Mark Geragos, requested cameras and the judge has since allowed it, considering that Jussie is “done hiding”.
If you recall, Jussie made a report earlier in the year stating that he had been attacked by two white “MAGA” supporters, who poured chemicals on him, tied a noose around his neck and yelled homophobic slurs at him, while badly beating him.

Since then, the investigation has changed its course and Jussie has been blamed and arrested on 16 counts of felony for staging the attack, all because he was unhappy with his salary. (Allegedly)

Stay tuned for updates as the story develops


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