Meghan McCain Calls In Sick After Being Blasted All Weekend by Fans.

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Television talk show, “The View” has lost another host for this week as Megan McCain, daughter of the late Senator John McCain, takes ill.
The news was announced by her cohost, Joy Behar, who said, ““We are down two hosts today, people are getting sick.” She continued, “Oh my God, I blame it on Trump. Whoopi is still getting better and will be back here soon, and Meghan is also out sick, so we wish her a speedy recovery.”

This comes as a surprise to many since she was perfectly fine last week. They believe that she might not actually be ill, and it made have something to do with her “anti-semitic” tweet.

As you may know, Meghan received a lot of hate from critics over the weekend after responding to a cartoon of herself drawn by Eli Valley. She commented that,“This is one of the most anti-semitic things I’ve ever seen. Also, this reveals so much more about you than it does me…”
This comes after McCain, tearfully claimed that she was a Zionist and some of her friend and family are Jewish in a debate against allegedly anti-Semitic comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar.
It’s whatever you choose to believe. Get Well Soon Meghan McCain & Whoopi Goldberg! 🙏

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