The Bachelor Finale Has Fans In Awe 😍

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After the shocking cliff hanger on the last episode of “The Bachelor”, the “virgin bachelor” Colton Underwood, gets the girl of his dreams, without the ring.
If you watched last night’s finale of the dating game show you already know that Colton broke things off with the other girls Hannah G. and Tayshia, to get Cassie,the girl he really wanted. He then went in search of Cassie, telling her, “Watching you walk away the other night was the hardest thing that I ever had to watch. That’s why I sacrificed and gave up everything.”
He then went on to patch things up with Cassie, the girl that he “loves” and finally lost his ‘V-card’ in the fantasy suit. However, what came next left everyone in Bachelor Nation shook to their core.
There was no proposal!
Yes, you read that right. Underwood decided to take it day by day with Cassie in order to not rush their relationship and lose her again. The season ended with the two in bed, the morning after the fantasy suite, with Colton telling us that, “What happened last night was great for our relationship. A gentlemen never kisses and tells. But I do want you to know that I’m very happy and you can use your imagination.”

📸 Bachelor Instagram

If you recall, Colton literally jumped the fence on last week’s episode of “The Bachelor”, after Cassie admitted that she need more time before leaving. Gladly with his persistence, chasing after Cassie, I think it safe to assume that he finally got his girl.

Congrats to Colton & Cassie!

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