Drake Pulls Out All The Stops For Baby Mama 😏

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It seems like the relationship between Canadian artiste, Drake, and the mother of his child, Sophie Brussaux, may not be fake since she was front and center at his concert…sort of.

The 32 year-old performed on Wednesday night at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France as part of his “Assassination Vacation” tour. Surprisingly, he had what many are referring to as a special guest as his baby- mama was spotted in the VIP section, dancing to all his songs.

In the video you can see her twerking to one of Drake’s hit songs, “Champion,” while holding a drink in her hand. Rumors even have it that she had an all-access pass. 😯

Sources say Drake has maintained a positive relationship with Sophie, since the birth of their son, Adonis, in October. They have even been on family trips together, with Drake flying them out on a private jet for Christmas, shortly after Adonis’ birthday.

I wonder if these two will have more that a co-parenting relationship in the future.


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